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  Southeast Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. located in Suzhou, China, is an innovative company that specializes in the research and development of innovative drugs. The promoters have many years’ experience of working in domestic and international Institute of large pharmaceutical companies or universities innovative drug, grasp the advantages of the domestic and international drug development.
When the company set up,it got the funding named “Suzhou innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent special programs ”from the government. One of the conditions of the grant is: master the core technology, with independent intellectual property rights and patents for inventions, technological achievements reached advanced international or domestic leading level. So far, the company has received several municipal and provincial scientific research projects, involving more than eight research and development of innovative drugs.
Southeast Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. has transferred one innovative drug technology, one patent for technology and eight drug synthesis technology, has applied for 16 invention patents and 10 authorizations. In 2010, the company established "Suzhou anticancer drugs and intermediates engineering technology research center", endorsed by the Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.
In addition, the Company widely cooperates with many famous universities and pharmaceutical companies, such as Southeast University, Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University, Suzhou Key Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Technology of Southeast University, University of Michigan, University of Maryland, Pfizer, Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group, Hisoar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, etc. Now, the Company is at the stage of transformation; it will take roots in China, eye over the world, cooperate with high-ends, exchange with foreign enterprises so as to continuously improve our corporate competitiveness and make the enterprise a world-known pharmaceutical enterprise integrating chemical medicine and biomedicine.     

The main business scope of the company: 
1.Research of innovative drug; 
2.Organize pre-clinical data and prepare documents of new drug application;
3.Improve listed drugs and their intermediates’ preparation process and quality control; 
4.Synthesis and R&D of the pharmaceutical intermediates in laboratory scale and pilot scale experiment stage.  

It also produces include medicine intermediates and other international customized and processed products. Such main products of the Company as Gefitinib, Erlotinib, Imatinib Mesilate, Dasatinib, Sorafenib and Regadenoson, Levothyroxine Sodium,Tiaprofenic acid etc. are advantageous in technology and production and sale. 

The currently studying projects are research of the targeted antitumor drugs with small molecule compounds and new drugs based on the natural product such as Silibinin, Curcumin, Vitamin A derivatives and so on.

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